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Office 365 Focused Inbox and @mentions for Outlook

Focus on What Matters in Outlook with Focused Inbox and @mention

Microsoft have announced that they are releasing a new set of tools for Outlook emails as part of Office 365 and Office 2016. Aimed at getting you the information that is most important to you, the new tools help with focussing and productivity. Intelligence and learning means that as you use the tools the system adapts your requirements. 

Outlook Focused Functionality

Clutter rolled out last year as a tool that learned the emails that are less important to you and put them in a separate folder. This functionality very much added an extra “junk mail” style folder. For a number of months Microsoft have been trialling new functionality on a selection of mobile platforms (iOS and Android) – Focused. Using the same idea as clutter Focused learns the difference between important and “other” emails, giving you direction on the important emails in your inbox.

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