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Bank Account Reconciliation

Bank Account Reconciliation

When Microsoft Released Dynamics NAV 2013R2 Bank Account Reconciliation was added for the first time as part of the standard modules. However, for companies running earlier versions of NAV the need is covered by our Bank Account Reconciliation Add-on for Dynamics NAV, which makes a crucial part of business accounting as well as making the financial management process more efficient, consolidated and error free. Our solution makes it easy for companies to reconcile their bank statements with the corresponding financial data held in their Dynamics NAV system.

The Add-on ensures accounting and financial data from bank statements remains consistent with, and correlates directly to, data in a company’s internal financial database. This allows companies to maintain exact, correlated financial data to show the full picture in monthly financial reports. In turn, this leads to quicker and more informed decision making at all levels within a company.


Improve Visibility and Accuracy in Your Financial Data

Users directly import electronic bank statements into NAV, using common file formats such as .CSV or XML. The imported statements are then reconciled against Bank Ledger entries in NAV to correlate the two data sources.

An 'Auto Apply Bank to NAV entries' function automatically reconciles the two sources of data based on date fields, monetary values, cheque numbers or purchase order references. If and when required, manual reconciliation can be carried out on-screen with the click of a finger, by selecting single/multiple bank statement entries to reconcile with single/multiple NAV entries.

Once the reconciliation is completed, the enhanced 'Transfer to General Journal' function allows you to transfer un-reconciled entries from the bank statement to the selected General Journal.

This makes it very straightforward to spot any discrepancies in the two sets of figures and to take appropriate follow-up action, informed with the correct information. Your finance team are able to access a full set of correlated and consolidated financial management data at all times, giving them the information to perform their roles more efficiently and effectively.

An overview of the classic client version of the Dynamics Bank Reconciliation Add-on is available in the video. 


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Please be advised that this Add-on is only available up to Dynamics NAV 2009.

For more information about our Bank Account Reconciliation Add-on or to discuss anything regarding ERP and business management software, please contact us:

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