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NAV Reports Training Course

Writing Reports in Dynamics NAV (1 Day Course)


Reports play an important role in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. They can print information from a database and they can structure and summarise information. Reports can also include calculations or expressions. Reports are used to print documents such as invoices and to process data without printing anything.

This one day course is designed for those who are preparing to create or modify reports in Microsoft Dynamics® NAV. The course primarily provides explanation of the reporting features and the design of RDLC reports. If you are interested in the Word Report design, please see course DC140 – NAV Report Word Layouts. 

After completing this course, you will know:

  • How to open the Development Environment and use the Object Designer.
  • The roles of reports and know the anatomy of a report.
  • The way a report layout is designed and executed.
  • How frequently used report properties are implemented in Report Definition Language Client (RDLC) report layouts.
  • What the request options page is for and how to build a request options page for the RDLC report.
  • The steps involved in creating a basic report.
  • How to include a label, variable and expression.
  • How to view the dataset at runtime.
  • How to set page options, paper size.
  • The creation process for the dataset.
  • How to implement sorting and filtering in Microsoft Dynamics NAV reports.
  • When to use headers and footers and how to add or delete a header or footer section.
  • Interactive sorting and how to implement it.
  • How to use expressions.
  • How to modify the RDLC layout.
  • Some helpful information that can be useful when you design reports.
  • How to run a report from the development environment and windows client
  • How to export and import objects.
  • Where to locate additional resources and information about reporting.

Terms & Conditions

For details on what to expect, dress code and general terms and conditions, please see our standard training T&Cs.

Terms & Conditions



Course Overview

The following is a list of the subjects covered in the course. 

  • Introduction
    • Development Environment
    • Object Designer
  • Creating Reports
    • Datasets
    • Layout
    • Request Page
    • Filtering
  • Adding Code to a report
    • Variables
    • Expressions
  • Running Reports
    • ReportViewer
    • Windows Client


The course is intended for Dynamics NAV users that have a good understanding of Dynamics NAV data structure. 

You may need development licences to perform some of the areas covered in this course.


This training course is priced at £495 per person per day. If you are coming to our offices, parking and refreshments will be provided.

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