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SQL Server Advanced - Introduction to Transact-SQL Queries


This course is aimed at the more advanced user that is looking to understand how data can be queried at the database level, how to create new SQL tables and views, and how these skills can be applied to an Excel or PowerBI Data Source for improved reporting performance.  Whilst the course examples are based on a Cronus NAV database, and there is a section describing the advantages / disadvantages of using SQL Queries over NAV Queries and examples will be given of do’s and don’t when working with NAV, the course could be equally beneficial to those just looking at understanding a bit more about querying using Transact-SQL. 


Our scheduled training courses are £250.00 per person per day. If you are coming to our site, parking and refreshments will be provided.



A keen mind A working knowledge of Excel A basic understanding of databases


Terms & Conditions

For details on what to expect, dress code and general terms and conditions, please see our standard training T&Cs.

Terms & Conditions



Course Overview

The following is a list of the subjects covered in the course. For more detail For more details please download the course overview. 

  • The SQL Server Management Studio Environment
  • Queries
    • Select
      • Single Table
      • Filtering
      • Wild Cards and LIKE.
      • Inner Joins
      • Outer Joins
      • Grouping and Aggregate Functions
      • Sorting
      • Cross Database Reporting
    • Creating Tables
    • Insert
    • Update
    • Delete
    • if not exist, then insert, else update
    • Creating Views
    • Updating Views
    • Using SQL Queries in Excel Connections
    • Sub Queries

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