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SQL Server Backup Strategies

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12 April 2013

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SQL Server - Backup Strategies

SQL Server has a number of backup strategies revolving around Full backups, Differential Backups and Transaction Log backups.

Full Backups

These do exactly what they say … take a full backup of the database.

Differential Backups

A differential backup includes only the data that has changed since the Full backup.

Transaction Log backups

These backup the transaction logs which are stored independently of the data.

A backup strategy can include all of the above...

Depending on data volumes, a full backup may be run daily, weekly or monthly.  Any database restore will be based on the last full backup, so the more frequent the better, SQL Server - Backup Strategyproviding it does not impact on performance and is within storage limits. If only full backups are used in a Simple recovery model, then data loss in the event of failure is everything since the last Full backup.

Using Differential backups allows for smaller intermediate backups.  A simple backup strategy using

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