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SQL Server 2005 Support Ends April 12th

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04 April 2016

SQL Server SQL Azure Support


As of the April 12th 2016, Extended support for Micrsoft SQL Server® 2005 ends.  Of course, this does not mean it will just stop working, so what are the implications of running an unsupported version of SQL Server?

Support Lifecycle Options

Let us first look at the 2 levels of support offered on by Microsoft in their Support Lifecycle – Mainstream Support and Extended Support.

Mainstream Support

This applies to the first 5 years (typically) of a products life, and inculdes:

  • Product change requests
  • Security Updates
  • Ability to request non-security hotfixes
  • Incident Support

Extended Support

This applies to the next 5 years (typically) of the products life and includes pretty much only security hotfixes and paid support.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 End of Life

What Does No Support Mean?

When SQL Server 2005 leaves extended support, there will be no security or compliance updates, and no back up from Microsoft to your partner should there be an issue that the

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