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“Finding Things” - Screen Organisation

Customise Your Role Centre

There are a few organisational things which you can do in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (and earlier versions) to make your work easier and make your role centre more practical to how you work and these screen re-organisations are all achieved at user level.

These changes include the display of information on your own unique role centre, e.g. you can change how the different panes are displayed on your screen. By clicking on the lines alongside each pane until the double ended arrow is displayed and then dragging the line, it is possible to vary the size of each pane, either making them smaller or larger to suit.


Using the arrow to adjust the size of each pane

The result:

A customised role centre


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“Finding Things” - Drill Down

Drill Down into Your Data

If you need to search for any information relating to Totals in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, such as Totals within your Chart of Accounts, the optimum way is to use the “drill down” function.

If you hover over a particular Total, it becomes underlined and it is then possible to click on it. For example, account 8130 – Repairs and Maintenance:

Drill Down Option on Underlined Text


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“Finding Things” - Use the Search Function

Sometimes it is necessary for a NAV user to find a page or view which they don’t use very often and therefore it isn’t displayed on their Role Centre. The search function within Microsoft Dynamics NAV is located in the top right hand corner of the screen and is an efficient way to find what you are looking

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“Finding Things” - Navigate

The Navigation Menu

This feature is particularly useful when you want to retrieve some information and you have a document number. Using the NAV search function, type in “Navigate” and the system will display the different places where it appears and each one of these can be enquired upon:

Navigation in NAV
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Keyboard Shortcuts for Dynamics NAV 2016

Save Time and Improve Your Experience

One of the key benefits of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV is the time saving aspect, including:

  • Input data only once
  • Fast reporting
  • Automated processes

But what if you can work even faster? NAV offers a wide range of keyboard shortcuts to help increase the speed of inputting data and navigating menus and cards. We have a table here to give you a reference of shortcuts appropriate to NAV 2016. Looking for something specific? Type what you want to do in the search field.

Keyboard Image

Table of Shortcuts

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NAV 2016 Web Client

NAV 2016 brought a wealth of improvements for the Web Client. I will focus on those I heard my customers complain about most often:

  • Find as you type – when searching for a customer to add to a sales order for example, there are
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E-Everything: Scrap Paper - Pulp Fiction?

Since the dawn of the first computer we’ve been promised the paperless office - information whizzing around our heads between Customer and Vendor’s systems with no need to print, mail and

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Approvals in NAV 2016 Using Workflows

Many of our customers were so excited when they heard about the document approval functionality in NAV, especially in Purchasing. However, when it came to the point of explaining the functionality in detail, you could see faces frowning and heads shaking. No, standard functionality did not quite fit their approval process.

In all the approvals I have implemented, none was a standard implementation. Each required additional development. 

So it was with some trepidation that I started investigating the new workflows in NAV 2016. And I am happy to say that are some long expected features have been

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How to Create Word Forms

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 offers a new feature called 'Word Forms'.

You can now choose which word report layout to email or print, per Customer for statements, and per Vendor for remittances using Word Forms.

Microsoft have provided word layouts for both statements and remittances

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Licencing Overview

This article will give an overview of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV licensing, will describe the different user types, the 2 main licensing models, the differences between them and will look into some of the changes announced with the release of Dynamics NAV

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Web Services & DC: Let us make your systems awesome!

Get information directly from the internet into your system

Web Services are Application Program Interfaces (APIs) exposed on the Internet that allow people like us here at DC to build new and exciting features into your business

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New Finance Features

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016® is the latest release of the well-known and established ERP solution for all kinds of businesses of whatever size.  As you would expect, the package offers rich functionality within an easy to use interface.

Also as you would expect, the new release contains a number of improvements and new features across the package and you can find out more about these here. This blog gives some more information on the new and improved finance features

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Posting Previews

New to Microsoft Dynamics NAV® 2016, you can now see the effect on the various ledgers within the system of posting a document or journal before it is actually posted.  This article explains how to use this facility.  The functionality works on any kind of order or journal but we will use a purchase order by way of an

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV® 2016 allows you to set up deferrals of income and expenditure.  These allow you to post transactions into a particular month but then spread the financial effect over a number of periods in a way you can specify.  This article explains how to set up and use this

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Business Software Showcase 2015

On the 20th of November we are holding a Business Software Showcase!!! We will be demonstrating what we do here at Dynamics Consultants and how we can help support your business. We have an agenda jam packed with workshops and sessions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (inc. new NAV 2016 features), SharePoint, Office 365 and Web Services. There will be something to please everyone!

This event is all about you, so if there is anything that you would like to be included, please let us know and we will see what we can do. Although the day is focussed around group activities, there is time to speak one-on-one with our consultants and developers in our "Meet the expert" events. 

We will be posting more details very soon... In the meantime, you can contact us here.

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Dynamics NAV 2016 Licence offer! - Expired

Please note that this offer is now expired! There is however a later offer here.


It's Time to do Your Christmas Shopping!

It's that time of year where deals are in the shops and you need to prepare yourself for Christmas. If, like me, you are finding it all a bit too much, at least you have something to smile about!


Give Me 5+ Starter Pack Offer

Get the Starter Pack licence which includes 3 users, plus a further two users for only

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