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Google Analytics in nopCommerce - Duplicate Transactions

Google Analytics Duplicate Transactions in nopCommerce

In the standard nopCommerce Google Analytics plugin, there can sometimes be a case where a user returns to a page, say a checkout completed page, and causes Google Analytics Transaction code to resubmit back to your Google Analytics reports. This issue causes Google Analytics to show you that you might have made more orders than you actually have, your number of sales and even your revenue figures may be effected. 

This sort of issue can occur in the following scenarios:

  • Returning to the page via emailed link or bookmark.
  • Refreshing the page.
  • Navigating to a different page and returning via back button.
  • Page restoring from a closed browser session or on a smartphone.
Google Shopping Transactions

Our Solution

We have come up with a solution to this. Our solution is to only fire the Google Analytics Tracking Code if the order has been created within 15 minutes of the users session. Google does not accept

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