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Fixed Asset Traps in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Fixed Assets Module

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV has a Fixed Assets module which allows you to record the costs and depreciation of Fixed Assets.  This has comprehensive functionality but it works on a number of assumptions which may not always produce the results you would like.  This blogs looks at two particular problems and how you can easily work your way round them.

Adding Value to a Fixed Asset

This couldn’t be simpler in Dynamics NAV.  You just need to raise a Purchase Invoice and add the Fixed Asset as a No. on a Purchase Line. You can see in the image that the system has filled in the correct Fixed Asset Posting Type of Acquisition Cost by default.

When you post the invoice, its value will be added to the Acquisition Cost of the asset. The problem is that the life of the asset will be reset to start on the Posting Date of the invoice which means that the asset will not be depreciated between when depreciation was last calculated for it and the invoice posting date which may not be what was intended.  

Fixed Asset as a No.


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