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Dynamics NAV Data Usage from Azure

Data Transfer for NAV in Azure

A customer recently approached me asking about putting their Dynamics NAV database into Azure but they were concerned about their connection speeds in their office (a contended broadband line).

Having looked at the available information from Microsoft the only information I could find was on blogs dating back to NAV 2009, which were quite generic. They did however make the useful point that if you’ve got high latency then it does have a major impact on the speed of the system (go figure).

How Quick does your internet need to be to run Dynamics NAV in the cloud?
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Reducing Duplication of Effort and Errors with NAV ERP

Disparate Systems the Driving Force

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has gone through a huge amount of development over the years, bringing new functionality, as well as meeting requirements for hot topics such as data security and cloud hosting, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

However, it is still the same things that make people really want a new ERP solution. One of the first things that gets mentioned in any conversation with a prospect is “we have a lot of different systems and we want everything to be integrated on one system”. Here is why.

Disparate systems causing a headache for businesses
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Which Microsoft Dynamics Product is for Me?

Microsoft Dynamics® – Which Product is Right for You?

The Microsoft Dynamics range of business software products are market leading, in terms of both functionality and popularity. Because of my position in the company, I tend to see most of the sales enquiries that come into the business and for the last few years I have seen confusion over which product people are after. Now that Microsoft are leading with their Microsoft Dynamics 365 brand, people are confused over the existing products as well as the new ones! To help out, I thought I would put together this little guide.

Which Microsoft Dynamics product suits my business?
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Reconciling Inventory in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Reconciling Inventory

Microsoft Dynamics NAV® maintains an accounting ledger for recording all financial transactions and a separate ledger to record the stock and movements of inventory items, together with their inventory value.  This should of course reconcile to the corresponding general ledger accounts but how do you ensure that it does?  This blog explains the process you use to do this.  The blog assumes you have some knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Please click on the images to enlarge them. 

Reconciling Inventory in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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General Ledger Account Categories in Dynamics NAV 2017

Every accounts package is built around a Chart of Accounts which is used to record and analyse expenditure, income and balances. Microsoft Dynamics NAV® is no exception to this and as standard, it has a Chart of Accounts such as that in the picture.

This allows the accounts to be grouped and totals for individual accounts calculated (highlighted in red in the screenshot). There is also a distinction between Balance Sheet and Income Statement accounts (highlighted in yellow).

That’s OK as far as it goes, but accountants would want more analysis of their Chart of Accounts than that; for instance, identifying Liquid and Fixed Assets or Current and Long-term Liabilities. The individual account codes for these categories may not all be in one group but scattered around the Chart of Accounts so some other way of grouping individual accounts may be required.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV® 2017 has just such a mechanism, known as Account Categories and this article explores what this functionality does.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV indented Chart of Accounts


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Configure Dynamics NAV for Microsoft Social Listening

What is Social Listening? 

With the ever growing world of social media, it is very often difficult for businesses to see the benefit as any more than a billboard for product announcements. Social listening allows you to take the data available on social media platforms and turn them into real business insights, not only to engage with customers, but also to gain trends in the market place. For example, if you knew that there was an increase in popularity of a product, your purchasers would be able to manage stock accordingly.

Social Listening for your Dynamics NAV ERP

Microsoft Social Listening

Microsoft provide this using Social CRM. Microsoft Social Engagement is a powerful CRM service that puts cutting edge tools in the hands of your sales, service and marketing teams. Connect on social media with customers, fans and critics to gain insight regarding how people really feel about your business.

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Adding Columns to Refreshable Data Sent to Excel from Microsoft Dynamics® NAV

One of the nice features of the later versions of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV is the ability to send any page in NAV to Microsoft Excel, not only as a list of data as you would get with a copy and paste, but a refreshable link using the refresh button on the Dynamics NAV tab in Excel.  This demos really well, and prospective customers love it, however there are draw backs, the resulting table in Excel does not allow you to add columns to do your own calculations or to do lookups to other data in the workbook.  You can do PivotTables / Charts on the data, and refer to it in other areas of the workbook, but what if you want to manipulate the table as a whole?  Luckily there is a solution that allows you to add columns and still retain the refresh capabilities of the workbook.

A Golden Rule

Let me start off with my golden rule of data sent to excel from Dynamics NAV.

“Never modify the NAV Datasheet.” By NAV datasheet, I mean the sheet that NAV creates when you press the Sent to Microsoft Excel button.

Why is this?  Partly because you are restricted from what you can do, but mostly because it saves complications if you let NAV / Excel do their thing!

Send to Microsoft Excel (Screenshot)



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Dynamics NAV Add-on ROI Calculator

Get a Fast Return on Investment with Microsoft Dynamics® NAV Add-Ons

The Dynamics Communication Suite is a Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft’s business management software for small and medium businesses. Designed with flexibility in mind, Dynamics NAV allows experienced developers to provide repeatable solutions to improve the user experience.

Our Communication Suite of Add-ons allows for improved automation with computer telephony integration, drag and drop of documents, automatic document filing and archiving and electronic document sending of NAV documents. 

Document Receiving Fact Box
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Advanced RTC Report Features

Reports in the Role Tailored Client require the use of RDLC layouts. RDLC is pretty powerful anyway, but there are some features of RDLC reports that are barely used in standard NAV:

  • Document Map

The document map allows you to see a summary of the content in the report. It also functions as a list of links, allowing you to navigate to specific sections of the report. This feature is useful for navigating large analysis reports.

Document Map

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Special Licence Offer for Existing Microsoft Dynamics® NAV Users

Existing Customer Promotion Now Available! - Expired

We are pleased to announce that all existing customers that meet the eligibility criteria (below) can take advantage of a special discount when adding 3 to 15 Full Users to their existing deployment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. existing customers may receive an additional discount of 15% when purchasing an additional 3 to 15 Full User licenses in the same transaction. The offer is only running until June 25th so get your orders in now!

15% offer on 3-15 Full user licences for existing Dynamics NAV customers
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“Finding Things” - Screen Organisation

Customise Your Role Centre

There are a few organisational things which you can do in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (and earlier versions) to make your work easier and make your role centre more practical to how you work and these screen re-organisations are all achieved at user level.

These changes include the display of information on your own unique role centre, e.g. you can change how the different panes are displayed on your screen. By clicking on the lines alongside each pane until the double ended arrow is displayed and then dragging the line, it is possible to vary the size of each pane, either making them smaller or larger to suit.


Using the arrow to adjust the size of each pane

The result:

A customised role centre


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The Dynamics Connector for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2016– Ep IV – A New Hope?

Firstly, my apologies to any Star Wars fans for the title of this article, being effectively the 4th version (version history), and given the trials that could be had with the previous version, the force really needed to be with you or you would find yourself turning to the dark side (paying for your connector).

For those of you who did not experience the previous connector, or are adept at blocking out nightmares, you may want to refresh yourself by reading one of my previous articles – ‘The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics’, paying particular attention to the second to last paragraph.

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Add-ons will upgrade with you

“Going Up” to Dynamics NAV 2016?

Many of you will be thinking about the upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft’s number one selling ERP solution. With NAV 2016 there are even more features as Microsoft spends millions of dollars on Research & Development to constantly add new features and functionality. But what about those add-on or add-in products that you have already bought to give you specific functionality? The simple answer is that it depends on the provider of the solution as to whether they keep them up to date.    



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Business Software editorial in the business magazine

Business Software Solutions Are People Too!

"Thousands of new small businesses start each year. Many fail, but just as many succeed. Tom Jenkins, director of Dynamics Consultants, who specialises in the implementation of business software solutions, looks at one potential factor that could make all the difference”

Our director Tom Jenkins was featured this week in the Business Magazine, where they discussed the importance of growing businesses to act early when deciding to move to a business management software solution. With a flexible solution, such as Dynamics NAV, the reduction in man power required means that your ERP system can work as part of your team.

Read more in the Business Magazine on pages 14 and 15.

business magazine editorial business software solutions are people too
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DC New Comments Add-in

We have created a new feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV improves the way that comments are added. The comments tool in NAV allows people to write notes against a record, but each comment field is limited to 80 characters, which can be frustrating when trying to add a large section of notes, either by typing or using copy and paste. This means that people often revert to using the notes fact box, however this does not allow for different types; the Comments functionality includes separate Internal Messages, Resolution Messages, Fault Messages and General Messages. Reporting against Notes is also less easy to report against than comments.

How it Works

The Comments Add-in works by providing an unlimited text field that allows you to copy and paste or manually type the notes that you require. On submitting the notes the Add-in automatically populates the lines split into the 80 character segments. The add in logs the date, time and username onto the message, allowing users to clearly see who wrote the message and at what time.

Easily add comments using the add-in functionality

Using Our Own Solution


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Business Software Showcase - Guest Speaker!

Andrea Ely, Partner Technology Stategist from Microsoft

We are proud to announce that Andrea Ely, Partner Technology Strategist from Microsoft, will be attending our Business Software Showcase on the 20th November! As the guest speaker, Andrea will be opening the Showcase with a speech about IoT (Internet of Things) and MSFT Social Engagement. Register here now to join us!

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Dynamics NAV 2016 Licence offer! - Expired

Please note that this offer is now expired! There is however a later offer here.


It's Time to do Your Christmas Shopping!

It's that time of year where deals are in the shops and you need to prepare yourself for Christmas. If, like me, you are finding it all a bit too much, at least you have something to smile about!


Give Me 5+ Starter Pack Offer

Get the Starter Pack licence which includes 3 users, plus a further two users for only

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Promotion: Get 3 More 4 Less! *EXPIRED*

More by Me:

07 April 2015

Dynamics NAV


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Promotion: Get 3 More 4 Less! 

Get 15% off Full User Licenses when you purchase 3 or more!Hot Deal

Have you seen an increase of growth and productivity within your business? Are you thinking of taking on more staff to cope with the uplift? Then this promotion is perfect for you!

To support the expansion of our existing Dynamics NAV customers, Microsoft have launched a special offer "Get 3 More 4 Less".

From now until the 24th June, when you purchase 3 or more Dynamics NAV Full User Licenses you can get 15% off the Microsoft list price!

For those using the Business Ready License - Business Essentials, you will save £693.00 when you purchase 3 Full User Licenses and for each additional license you buy (to a maximum of 15), you get an extra £231.00 off!

For those using the Business Ready License - Advanced Management, you will save £940.50 when you purchase 3 Full User Licenses and for each

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV "Give Me 5 - Starter" May & June Special Offer *EXPIRED*

More by Me:

01 April 2015

Dynamics NAV


Microsoft have launched their compelling Dynamics NAV "Give Me 5 Starter" offer, this time 5 Users for £3,551!

This equates to a saving of £2,958 off the standard Dynamics NAV list price. Whether you need a business management solution for financial, service management, supply chain, project or customer relationship management, this special offer drastically reduces your ERP start-up costs, in turn decreasing the time to gain a return on your investment. New customers can license the Dynamics NAV Starter Pack, which includes the first three (3) Full Client Access Licenses (CALs), plus two (2) additional Full User CALs for only £3,551.

If you feel that you need more than the rich financial and supply chain management functionality of the Dynamics NAV Starter Pack, then perhaps you would prefer to purchase the deep functionality of the Dynamics NAV Extended Pack with the Dynamics NAV "Give Me 5 + 2 Extended" offer.

This special offer is

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV "Give Me 5 +2 Extended" May and June Special Offer *EXPIRED*

More by Me:

01 April 2015

Dynamics NAV


If you feel that you need more than the rich financial and supply chain management functionality of the Dynamics NAV Starter Pack, then perhaps you would prefer to purchase the deep functionality of the Dynamics NAV Extended Pack with the Dynamics NAV "Give Me 5 +2 Extended" offer.

This amazing offer equates to a saving of £5,916 off the standard Dynamics NAV list price and drastically reduces your ERP start-up costs, in turn decreasing the time to gain a return on your investment. New customers can license the Dynamics NAV Starter Pack, which includes the first three (3) Full Client Access Licenses (CALs), the Dynamics NAV Extended Pack and four (4) additional Full User CALs for only £10,061.

This special offer is available for new customers from now until 24th June 2015.

For further information regarding these offers or about Dynamics NAV in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Eligibility and offer

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