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DC Enhanced - Third Party System / Website Integration

DC Enhanced - Third Party System / Website Integration

Our DC Enhanced – Third Party System / Website Integration can remove the time and pain from manually entering and maintaining accurate data in multiple disparate systems.

Our of our customers, Kitchen Collection needed an improved process for updating the catalogue on their website. The catalogue update process involved manipulating many spreadsheets exported from a third party system to create one upload spreadsheet which was then copied onto a web server and processed by a command line application. We took a 2 week manual, error encumbered procedure and turned it into a 2 hour, error free process that is fully integrated into their back office systems with a ‘One Click’ update!

The integration replaced the old process with a web based catalogue Admin Tool and custom third party system import / export programs, using standard Commerce Server APIs. The tools have also removed the need to manually edit

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Case Study: Ecommerce / Webshop Solutions

Case Study: Ecommerce / Webshop Solutions

Dynamics Consultants provide a full range of website development / design services, and Ecommerce and Web shop design solutions.

Our customers use websites to serve various purposes - providing company information, product overviews, generating leads and sales.

Whether you're starting from scratch or want to update an existing site, our experienced web developers can help you to create feature-rich, professional websites that meet your requirements.

Our customer, Kitchen Collection, who supplies quality rigid kitchens already had an ecommerce website built on the Microsoft Commerce Server Platform. Unfortunately, their hosting partner at the time and who was also their development partner, decided that they were no longer going to support Microsoft Commerce Server!

Having urgently been contacted, our first priority was to find Kitchen Collection a new hosting provider and to set up new servers, as well as taking on

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Ascentium Rebranding

More by Me:

04 December 2012

Commerce Server


Update -

It has been announced that the new name for Ascentium’s Commerce Server division is As previously mentioned, in line with this announcement is the release of Commerce Server 10 – the preview version of it anyway.

 Ascentium Rebranding

Ascentium, the company who have taken over Commerce Server from Microsoft have announced a rebranding to SMITH to cover the digital marketing, implementation and service side of the business  with an announcement imminent for a new company name to cover the product (Commerce Server) side of the business.  The announcement is expected to coincide with the release of Commerce Server 10 which will carry the new branding.

Watch this space!


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