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Is Dynamics NAV Coming to an End? No!

Is Dynamics NAV Coming to an End?

We have had a number of new prospects and existing customers coming to us with this very question. With Microsoft’s marketing it is not surprising either – you really have to search to find the NAV (formerly Navision) pages. However, over the last two months, Microsoft have been working on clarifying the brand and its offerings, which is why the marketing is in a state of flux, but the quick and easy answer is that NAV is here to stay – it might just be called something else!

Is Microsoft Dynamics NAV coming to an End? The answer is no!
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Dynamics NAV Data Usage from Azure

Data Transfer for NAV in Azure

A customer recently approached me asking about putting their Dynamics NAV database into Azure but they were concerned about their connection speeds in their office (a contended broadband line).

Having looked at the available information from Microsoft the only information I could find was on blogs dating back to NAV 2009, which were quite generic. They did however make the useful point that if you’ve got high latency then it does have a major impact on the speed of the system (go figure).

How Quick does your internet need to be to run Dynamics NAV in the cloud?
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Manufacturing Matters - TDSi

An Interview with John Davies

Managing Director of TDSi

In the latest of our Manufacturing Matters interviews, we spoke to the MD of TDSi about his pragmatic approach to the current climate, not just politically but also with regard to ever evolving technologies. Currently running an integrated system, hosted in the cloud, John discussed with us the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it is changing business models from that of a product supplier to service suppliers. John also spoke about the holes in UK education meaning that not enough young talent is coming through - with Brexit approaching he is open to the idea of moving more of the business into Europe to satisfy their export business, if required.  

Interview with John Davies, MD of TDSi
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Directions EMEA 2017 Madrid - Day 1 Review

Directions EMEA Day 1 Overview

In a recent blog we discussed the reasons for going to Directions EMEA – now it is finally here! With Dynamics 365 bringing together Dynamics NAV/Dynamics 365 with Dynamics CRM, this event has grown massively, with a lot of sessions focussed on the integration of the two products, as well as their future together.

Here we will discuss an overview of what we learnt at today’s wide range of seminars.

Directions EMEA 2017 Madrid Day 1 Overview
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Manufacturing Matters - Commercial Lighting Systems

An Interview with Phil Cutting

Chief Executive of Commercial Lighting Systems

In previous interviews for Manufacturing Matters we have discussed the UK focus on bespoke solutions rather than competing on a like-for-like basis. Phil Cutting says that Commercial Lighting Systems is no different; rather than competing with cheap Chinese supply they are focussed on supplying customised manufactured products. Focussed on improving the quality and energy consumption of lighting in the commercial industry, the company looks for alternative services to stay competitive, such as refurbishing existing lamps to modern technologies.

Interview with Phil Cutting, chief exec of Manufacturing company Commercial Lighting Systems
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Business Software at the Southampton Business Expo 2017

Dynamics Consultants at the Southampton Business Expo 2017

Stand 50 - 2nd November

We are excited to announce that we will be attending the Southampton Business Expo, which is being held at the Ageas Bowl (formerly the Rose Bowl). The show attracts thousands of visitors from the area to see the products and services in a compact 1 day event.

Find out more about the show and how to get there on the B2Bexpos website >

Dynamics Consultants are going to the Southampton Business Show 2017
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We are going to Directions EMEA 2017!

More by Me:

22 September 2017

Directions EMEA Microsoft Product Update


We are going to Directions EMEA 2017!

One of the ways Microsoft releases information is via big conferences and the main one for NAV partners is Directions. In July, they hold an event called Inspire, which is all about building awareness and showing the company ethos. This is then followed by Directions in October, which provides an in depth look at the new Business product releases. Traditionally this has been a Microsoft Dynamics NAV event, but with Dynamics 365 brings together the ERP and CRM worlds. 

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How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Licensing Work?

Dynamics 365 for Business Licences Explained

In previous blogs we were excited about the release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials (Business edition) in the UK. Now that you can buy it, what is it that you need? Although Microsoft licensing is traditionally very complicated, the subscription model of D365 is a lot easier to fathom. However, if you are new to licensing it can still be fairly confusing. This blog is a quick guide to what is available and what is included in the different types of licence. 

Choosing the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licences


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Manufacturing Matters - BVM Embedded Intelligence

An Interview with Rod Clarke

Managing Director of BVM Embedded Intelligence 

BVM Embedded Intelligence are a UK Manufacturer of industrial computing solutions, from motherboards to touch screen panel PCs. We spoke to Rod Clarke, MD, about how a UK manufacturer can be competitive in the world of electronic components. As with much of the UK Manufacturing industry, it is the bespoke nature of the made-to-order business that sets BVM apart from Far Eastern suppliers. Rather than competing with high quality Taiwanese components, the business buys in these components to provide tailored solutions to suit industry applications. 

Manufacturing Matters interview with Rod Clarke of BVM Embedded Intelligence
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Archie Does IT Work Experience at Dynamics Consultants

Work Experience at Dynamics Consultants

Archie wants to be a programmer, so he came to our offices to see what it is like working for an IT company. Everyone associates work experience with making cups of tea, which is just as common at our office as anywhere else! But we wanted to give Archie a real feel of working at a company such as DC, so we had him sit with Consultants, Developers, Support, Admin and Marketing. Some of his tasks included finding out about fixing customer accounting systems, programming in C# and uploading web content. 

Watch the video to see what he got up to! 

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Manufacturing Matters - BOFA International

An Interview with Tony Lockwood

Managing Director of BOFA International

BOFA International are a leading supplier of fume extraction technology. Tony Lockwood, MD, talks about the huge growth that the company has experienced, whilst fighting to keep the core values of flexibility and innovation in the products that they provide. With significant investments in IT and R&D, such as implementing an ERP system, the willing to spend and adjust to achieve growth stems from a common mindset in the management team.

As a UK manufacturer, Tony recognises the value behind the flag. With 90% of sales going overseas, BOFA are investing in subsidiary offices as part of their growth plan. 

“To be part of a manufacturing story is wonderful."

Manufacturing Matters interview with Tony Lockwood of BOFA International
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Microsoft Power BI Desktop August Feature Summary

Power BI Desktop Update - August 2017

Microsoft’s use of subscription based applications means that they can provide us with exciting new updates, including improvements based on suggestions from the user community. Power BI provides interactive reporting for true business insights.

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Office 365 August 2017 Update

Microsoft Office 365 Updates for August 2017

One of the benefits of Office 365 is the continual updates that they are providing in functionality, be it user experience or administration tools. See the video with Jim Naroski, which covers the following areas: 

Excel Co-Authoring

  • Excel for Windows desktop
  • Works for Documents on SharePoint and OneDrive or OneDrive for Business
  • See who is working with you and see their changes in seconds

AutoSave for Desktop

  • PowerPoint, Word and Excel options for
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Manufacturing Matters Aqua Cooling Systems

An Interview with Kevin Lancaster

Founder and Director of Aqua Cooling Systems

Aqua Cooling is a global supplier of process cooling equipment. With a head office in Fareham, the company currently buys in standard or made to order units, modifying them for bespoke orders. With the current high levels of growth, Kevin discusses the pros and cons of manufacturing in the UK, as well as staff adapting to change with new systems.

Please fill in the form below and we will send you the full Interview, produced for us by Decision Magazine.

Manufacturing Matters Interview with Kevin Lancaster
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Dynamics Consultants Reaches its 10th Anniversary

Dynamics Consultants Celebrates 10 Years!

We are excited to be celebrating 10 amazing years in business! 

We would like to thank all our customers, locally in Southampton, throughout the UK and across the rest of the World for making this such a successful decade. We look forward to working with you all for many years to come.

Dynamics Consultants celebrate their 10 year anniversary
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Microsoft SQL Server Always-On

More by Me:

01 August 2017

IT Managers Database Admins


What is the Microsoft SQL Server Always-On Functionality?

SQL Server Always-On is a High-Availability feature of SQL Server that was introduced in SQL Server 2012 – Enterprise Edition.

Now Always-On might be a bit of a misleading term in this context, as it is not really guaranteeing to be always on, merely reducing the risk of being off!  So how does it do this.  Put simply, it allows you to have other copies of your database on servers elsewhere, such that if you server goes pop, then within a few seconds the other servers take the strain.

SQL Server Always-On is a High-Availability feature of SQL Server
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Beware of GDPR Myths and Bad Advice

A Few Myths and Bad Ideas with GDPR

Hopefully some of our previous blogs about GDPR, such as the ICO guidelines and practical implementation of GDPR, have been helpful. Having done a lot of research, as well as having conversations with business owners, there are a number of myths and bad ideas that are circling the General Data Protection Regulations. There is a lot of “You need this” or “we can just do this”, which we will address in this blog.

Do not get sucked in by GDPR myths and bad ideas
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Practical Ways of Addressing GDPR Legislation

GDPR -  A Practical View

If you have read our previous blogs on what is GDPR and the ICO advice on GDPR, you will know that the General Data Protection Regulations apply to your business and need to be conformed to by May 2018. You will also know that there is a lot to take in and actioning all of the requirements is causing a lot of headaches! However, to help launch your GDPR journey we have split down tasks into some bitesize chunks so that you can start making headway.

Don’t let GDPR spiral out of control
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Office 365 July 2017 Update

Microsoft Office 365 Updates for July 2017

One of the benefits of Office 365 is the continual updates that they are providing in functionality, be it user experience or administration tools. See the video with Jim Naroski, which covers the following areas: 

Microsoft Planner

  • Simple visual way to organise teamwork
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Coming soon will be:
    • Push notifications
    • New plans creation
    • Intune integration
  • Feature requests can be made at
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ICO Advice on GDPR Legislation, Essential Reading

The 12 Points to Cover in GDPR

We wrote in a previous blog about GDPR and how it effects every business in the UK, as well as any global company holding data on businesses in the EU. There are a lot of people concerned about the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) regarding what it means and what you must do to be covered. A lot of these are companies trying to sell solutions that are either directly or loosely related and care must be taken to not buy something that isn’t actually required. 

Information Commissioner’s Office for GDPR regulations
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