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Configuring profiles for NAV without Configuration Mode

Configuration Mode for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV

Users in Microsoft Dynamics NAV are set against profiles – profiles are typically grouped into job roles and help users get access to parts of the system that they need the most. For example, Sales people will access a completely different area of the system to the Warehouse team on a day to day basis.

To be able to edit the profiles the user must access NAV using the command prompt or a modified short cut. However, there are a number of reasons why this is not always possible.

Configuring Microsoft Dynamics NAV Profiles


Editing Profiles without the Configuration Mode

A good example is with one of our customers, who access NAV using Citrix. We wrote a report for them that takes an individual’s personalisation and applies it to the profile. This has the same effect as running in Configuration mode, and the other users with that profile will see the changes. Using only one report, as well as adding a button to the user Personalisation page, this simple modification will save the customer a lot of time!

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Editing NAV profiles without the configuration tool