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Zoom, the Latest in the Evolution of PowerPoint

The Latest Microsoft Office® Update

In May we introduced the Morph Transition for Microsoft PowerPoint® in our blog here, today we are introducing Zoom, the tool which allows you to present like never before.

Zoom for PowerPoint Presentations

Zoom allows you to easily create interactive, unique presentations. Captivate your audience with smooth, effortless navigation in and out of any slide or section, wherever conversation takes you. Present your slides in whatever order makes sense based on your audience, without exiting slide show mode and interrupting the flow.

Depending on the depth of content and your use of sections, you can now incorporate Zoom in three easy ways to build summary slides by using PowerPoint 2016 on Windows desktops. For example, a Summary Zoom for a presentation that has dedicated sections, or a Slide Zoom for a deck that has a few slides.


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Office 365 Focused Inbox and @mentions for Outlook

Focus on What Matters in Outlook with Focused Inbox and @mention

Microsoft have announced that they are releasing a new set of tools for Outlook emails as part of Office 365 and Office 2016. Aimed at getting you the information that is most important to you, the new tools help with focussing and productivity. Intelligence and learning means that as you use the tools the system adapts your requirements. 

Outlook Focused Functionality

Clutter rolled out last year as a tool that learned the emails that are less important to you and put them in a separate folder. This functionality very much added an extra “junk mail” style folder. For a number of months Microsoft have been trialling new functionality on a selection of mobile platforms (iOS and Android) – Focused. Using the same idea as clutter Focused learns the difference between important and “other” emails, giving you direction on the important emails in your inbox.

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Introduction to Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS

Find Out How Mobile WMS Can Help Your Warehouse

As partners of Tasklet Factory’s Mobile WMS product, the Warehouse Management System with barcode scanning, we are pleased to announce that there will be an introduction webinar this Thursday. If you are looking for the best solution on the market to improve your Microsoft Dynamics® NAV system for mobile warehousing, this is the perfect opportunity to see what the product can do.

Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS webinar

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New to Office 365 Researcher and Editor in Word

Microsoft Cloud-Powered intelligent services for Office 365

Microsoft have announced that they are releasing a new set of services in Office 365 for the wide range of productivity apps. Designed to save time and produce high quality results, the features improve your experience with the Microsoft Office suite.

Cite Content and access sources with Researcher for MS Word

In the latest Office 365 innovation, Microsoft have launched the Researcher, the tool that helps you to find and incorporate reliable sources and content for your documents.

From within your Word document you can explore material on-line related to the topic from within the Word app, then add it with the properly formatted citation in just one click. Researcher uses the Bing Knowledge graph to pull in appropriate content and provide structured, safe and credible information.

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Office 365 August 2016 Update

Microsoft Office 365 Updates for August 2016

One of the benefits of Office 365 is the continual updates that they are providing in functionality, be it user experience or administration tools. See the video, which covers the following areas: 


  • Starbucks App for Outlook
    • Meet at Starbucks meeting request in Outlook
  • Facebook Chooses Office 365
    • Microsoft’s focus on mobile productivity
    • The Emphasis Microsoft places on robust state-of-the-art security
  • Office 365 Network
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Office 365 Licence Due to Expire – Don’t Worry

Is your Office 365 subscription coming to an end? Don’t worry!

If your Office 365 subscription ends due to expiration or because you decided to cancel it, you are still able to access your services, applications, and customer data! The data goes through multiple stages before the subscription is completely terminated, being aware of this progression will give make you more equipped to return to your subscription before it’s too late – or if you’re leaving Office 365, you can back up your data before it’s deleted.

Time running out on your Office 365 Subscription
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nopCommerce 3.80 Released!

nopCommerce 3.80 has been released today and brings many new features with it.

The long awaited 3.80 update has arrived. We now have a brand new redesigned admin area, which is now fully responsive. Along with "Basic" and "Advanced" modes for settings and product detail pages, making it much easier for new store owners to get to grips with nopCommerce.

Other features include:

  • The ability to use several discounts simultaneously on any product. 
  • A new 'Color Square' specification attribute which allows filtering of products by colour.
  • Conditional checkout attributes.
  • Image Squares product attributes (Similar to the Color Square, only using images instead).
  • Better "instore pickup" support. Allowing a store owner to configure (and a customer to choose) pickup locations.
  • Allowing a store owner to configure a custom RMA# (return request number).


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Explanation

Microsoft Announce Dynamics® 365 at WPC

The World Partner Conference (WPC) is Microsoft’s big event that they hold every year which is aimed at partners from around the world. This year it was held in Toronto and there was a big emphasis on productivity for customers driven by partners. With any large corporation these sorts of events are always full of hype with larger than life American directors excitedly announcing all of the latest and greatest. But in the last couple of years Microsoft’s events have been filled with sincere excitement over the new technologies – not just some interesting new disparate products, but a broad spectrum of integrated tools with one

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