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Brexit Issues and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Brexit and Microsoft Dynamics® NAV

Now that the dust is beginning to settle over the unexpected decision of the UK electorate to vote to leave the EU, thoughts may be beginning to turn to what the effects of that may mean in the future for your business in general and your ERP system in particular.  This blog discusses some of these issues and how Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help you cope and respond to the many changes that may, or more likely will, be coming.

There are a number of blogs by other practitioners on this area and this one is worth a read.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers security during Brexit fallout
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SQL Server 2016 General Release

Microsoft Announce General Release of SQL Server 2016

SQL has long been the go-to database platform providing market leading security and Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities. Now Microsoft have released SQL Server 2016, which is packed full of new features. As a company specialising in business management software (i.e. Microsoft Dynamics® NAV) with SQL databases at their core, our focus is on the real world benefits to people trying to manage their business systems. Here we will look at some of the key features. 

SQL Server 2016: Everything Built In

The reality of The Internet of Things

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July 2016 Updates for Microsoft Excel in Office 365

July 2016 Updates for Microsoft Excel

Excel’s Power Query technology provides fast and easy data gathering and manipulation capabilities, ideal for calculations and reporting based on databases. Accessed through the Get & Transform section on the data ribbon.

Microsoft have now released 12 new data transformation and connectivity features all available as part of the Office 365 regular updates. Even if you are using older versions of Excel, ie Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 you can take advantage of the updates by downloading the latest Power Query for Excel add in.

The New Excel Power Query Connectivity and Transform Features

The following are a list of the new connectors and transformation features that Microsoft have released for Excel 2016:

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Improve Scheduling Appointments with Microsoft Bookings

Improve scheduling appointments with Microsoft Bookings in Office 365

In business, wasted time is wasted money. Forgotten appointments that took time to organise are not only frustrating, but also represent hours of productivity lost. Now with the latest app as part of the Office 365 suite Microsoft hope to address this issue and make it a thing of the past. The exciting new app, Microsoft Bookings, makes scheduling and booking appointments and sending reminders a quick and easy process.

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Business Software Showcase Date Announced in Southampton

The Business Software Showcase is Back! 

We are excited to announce that the date has been set for the 2016 Business Software Showcase:

10th November 2016

Following the marked success last year, with presentations from representatives of Microsoft, specialist solution providers and our own directors, as well as break-out sessions giving all of the latest information in business management technologies, we are now preparing for an even bigger and better event for 2016.

The day is all about learning about what is available on the market, as well as getting lots of ideas of what can be achieved through collaboration and integration of your business software. Many of our customers come to the event to discuss with other users about ways of using their system, which also provides a great platform for people just starting out, to get some advice from experienced companies. And the best thing of all, the event is completely free!

Business Software Showcase Presentation
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Dynamics Consultants Proud to be PlannerOne Partners

Dynamics Consultants are the New PlannerOne Partners

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with PlannerOne so that we can provide their visual scheduling and planning solutions. As experts in Microsoft Dynamics® NAV with specialist manufacturing consultants on our team we were a perfect choice for this Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) solution. The tool is fully integrated into NAV and helps to save time and improve accuracy with a range of useful features. To partner our team was required to pass a number of stringent criteria, including in-depth training. 

PlannerOne Logo
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Announcing e-Commerce Essential Web Shop Solution

Announcing DC e-Commerce Essential!

The e-Commerce Solution for People Taking their First Step into Selling Online

Many of our existing customers have worked with our specialist team of web development experts to get a professional and market leading e-Commerce solution, very often integrated with the back office system. Get the full functionality of a professional e-Commerce online store without the cost of a fully bespoke developed solution. As an off-the shelf solution you can have a responsive, content managed online store quickly and affordably. Extend your business into an online shop and increase the reach of your brand.

Web Shop

Why e-Commerce Essential? 

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Adding Columns to Refreshable Data Sent to Excel from Microsoft Dynamics® NAV

One of the nice features of the later versions of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV is the ability to send any page in NAV to Microsoft Excel, not only as a list of data as you would get with a copy and paste, but a refreshable link using the refresh button on the Dynamics NAV tab in Excel.  This demos really well, and prospective customers love it, however there are draw backs, the resulting table in Excel does not allow you to add columns to do your own calculations or to do lookups to other data in the workbook.  You can do PivotTables / Charts on the data, and refer to it in other areas of the workbook, but what if you want to manipulate the table as a whole?  Luckily there is a solution that allows you to add columns and still retain the refresh capabilities of the workbook.

A Golden Rule

Let me start off with my golden rule of data sent to excel from Dynamics NAV.

“Never modify the NAV Datasheet.” By NAV datasheet, I mean the sheet that NAV creates when you press the Sent to Microsoft Excel button.

Why is this?  Partly because you are restricted from what you can do, but mostly because it saves complications if you let NAV / Excel do their thing!

Send to Microsoft Excel (Screenshot)



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Trainee Web Developer Passes Microsoft Exams

Microsoft Approved Staff

As a Microsoft specialist it is important to us to keep our staff trained and certified in the Microsoft products. As you will be aware from our other blogs, we do a lot of training of apprentices to bring new talent into the industry. Ed recently completed his Apprenticeship at Highbury College entitled “Level 3 Extended It & Telecoms”. But this is not the end of his journey!


Congratulations on Passing Your Microsoft Exams

Congratulations to Ed for passing the “98-361 Software Development Fundamentals Microsoft Certification exam”, which covers a wide range of general programming principles. We will continue to train him and he has a couple of other qualifications lined up already, all part of the development our employees. 

Ed Leeman


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Microsoft Office 365 General Release Planner tool

Organize Teams with Microsoft Planner

Microsoft have just put out a general release of a new tool as part of Office 365, Microsoft Planner. The preview has been available for a little while now and we have found this to be easy to use and potentially problem solving for a lot of our customers. This video explains how using a wide range of tools the files and conversations involved with a project are easily organised. Features include:

  • Planner hub with visual progress tracker
  • Project plans
  • Tasks and buckets
  • Easily assign people to tasks
  • Discussions and comments, attached to the task
  • Charts view with visual representation from graphs
  • Re-assign tasks
  • Works across devices and platforms
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Office 365 July Update

Microsoft Office 365 Updates for July 2016

One of the benefits of Office 365 is the continual updates that they are providing in functionality, be it user experience or administration tools. See the video, which covers the following areas: 

  • Productivity
    • Deferred Channel Client
      • Update available for deferred channel
    • Outlook for Android Wear
      • Android watch update
      • Next meeting and time to next meeting details
      • Outlook calendar colours
      • Number of emails received
      • Change the style of the watch face
  • Collaboration
    • Planner Release
      • Structure teamwork easily and get more done
      • Planner is now live
      • Colour coded representation for your plans
      • Board view with all of the team’s work
      • Works across devices and platforms
  • Chat with Co-Editors
    • Chat feature is available on online versions of all of the office applications
    • Chat history is not saved
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Microsoft SQL Server Licensing Guidelines

Overview of Microsoft SQL Server® 2014 Licensing

SQL Server 2014 delivers mission critical performance across all workloads with in-memory built-in, faster insights from any data with familiar tools, and a platform for hybrid cloud enabling organizations to easily build, deploy, and manage solutions that span on-premises and cloud.

There are three principal editions of SQL Server 2014, as follows:

Standard Edition – Basic database, reporting and analytics capabilities. Includes Core or Server/CAL licensing.

Enterprise Edition – Mission critical applications and large scale data warehousing. Core Licensing only.

Business Intelligence (BI) Edition – Premium corporate and self-service BI. Server/CAL licensing.

The SQL Server Enterprise Edition includes all product features available in SQL Server 2014, and the Business Intelligence (BI) Edition of SQL Server includes premium BI features in addition to Standard Edition database features.

Microsoft SQL server licencing explained
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Achieving a Paperless Office and Collaborate

Can a Paperless Office be Achieved - Yes it Can!

In May 2012 one of our Directors wrote a blog asking this question – can a paperless office become a reality? In the past couple of years of working at Dynamics Consultants, I have seen us print less than a pack of paper, with the only paper I see being the occasional bill, government document or school homework! I think that this clearly shows that it is achievable; in fact many of our customers have adopted the same principles and are reaping the rewards!

Paperless Office
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