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July Microsoft Training in Hampshire

High Quality Training from the Experts

Many people have benefited from our scheduled training, which we hold in our offices near Southampton, Hampshire. From SQL Server training to use of Office 365 integration with Microsoft Dynamics® NAV, our expert consultants provide high quality training at our comfortable and modern offices. 

Training Session
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Dynamics NAV Add-on ROI Calculator

Get a Fast Return on Investment with Microsoft Dynamics® NAV Add-Ons

The Dynamics Communication Suite is a Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft’s business management software for small and medium businesses. Designed with flexibility in mind, Dynamics NAV allows experienced developers to provide repeatable solutions to improve the user experience.

Our Communication Suite of Add-ons allows for improved automation with computer telephony integration, drag and drop of documents, automatic document filing and archiving and electronic document sending of NAV documents. 

Document Receiving Fact Box
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Advanced RTC Report Features

Reports in the Role Tailored Client require the use of RDLC layouts. RDLC is pretty powerful anyway, but there are some features of RDLC reports that are barely used in standard NAV:

  • Document Map

The document map allows you to see a summary of the content in the report. It also functions as a list of links, allowing you to navigate to specific sections of the report. This feature is useful for navigating large analysis reports.

Document Map

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Try Office 365 for Free

Get the Office 365 Free Trial Now!

Office 365 is getting people excited the world over – especially business people. With new and better ways to store files, connect with one another and a whole range of fantastic new tools, you can work on the go. 

However, many people have never used Office 365 and many of the tools, such as OneNote or SharePoint Online. Now you can for free! Click on the links below to sign up to a 30 day free trial, so that you can familiarise yourself with the whole new world in the cloud. 


Connect & Share Better


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Office 365 June Update

Microsoft Office 365 Updates for June 2016


  • Collaboration
    • Yammer External Groups
      • Only allows groups specifically set up for external users
      • Highlights users that are external to the business

One of the benefits of Office 365 is the continual updates that they are providing in functionality, be it user experience or administration tools. See the video, which covers the following areas:

  • Productivity
    • PPM Dashboard apps - Office 365 Project Portfolio dashboard, free from the Windows Store. Gain insight into:
      • Resource Utilization
      • Project Portfolio Performance
      • Costs
      • Active Issues and Risks
      • Key Milestones
    • OneDrive App on Windows 10 - Open and edit files without having to sync them to the device. Features also include:
      • Restore files from the Recycle Bin
      • Upload files via drag-and-drop
      • Access your most recently opened
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Five ways to turn business data into insight

Put information to work

Knowledge is power. Put real-time, role-relevant information into your team’s hands and they'll make quick, confident, forward looking decisions for your business.

Put information to Work with cloud computing


Transform big data into your next big idea

Turn years of facts and figures – from sales performance to individual transactions – into insight you can easily analyze. Then use it to spot trends and make accurate projections about inventory levels, staffing requirements, or future product trends for years to come.

Factors driving interest in data analysis
Factors driving interest in data analysis


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Our Web Development Apprentice is in the News

Our Apprentices are in the News! 

You may remember that one of our development Apprentices, Ed Leeman, was in the news last year for coming in the top 5 in a Nationwide competition for web developers, see the blog here about how he came first in the regional heats. 

Ed is now famous again, appearing in Portsmouth Newspaper “The News”, talking about the completion of his apprenticeship to becoming a Junior Developer. He said:

“After completing my Apprenticeship, I became a Junior Developer, helping to create bespoke and custom-order websites, website applications and system applications for our clients. I love it!”


Our Apprentice in the News
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Fixed Asset Traps in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Fixed Assets Module

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV has a Fixed Assets module which allows you to record the costs and depreciation of Fixed Assets.  This has comprehensive functionality but it works on a number of assumptions which may not always produce the results you would like.  This blogs looks at two particular problems and how you can easily work your way round them.

Adding Value to a Fixed Asset

This couldn’t be simpler in Dynamics NAV.  You just need to raise a Purchase Invoice and add the Fixed Asset as a No. on a Purchase Line. You can see in the image that the system has filled in the correct Fixed Asset Posting Type of Acquisition Cost by default.

When you post the invoice, its value will be added to the Acquisition Cost of the asset. The problem is that the life of the asset will be reset to start on the Posting Date of the invoice which means that the asset will not be depreciated between when depreciation was last calculated for it and the invoice posting date which may not be what was intended.  

Fixed Asset as a No.


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