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Adding Communication Functionality to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Adding Communication Functionality to Microsoft Dynamics NAV!

With the increase in base functionality for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV there are now improved tools for sending and receiving documents electronically. Some of you may be familiar with some of the Add-ons that do this on the market, including our Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) product the DC Communication Suite. So with this increased functionality in the base product, what does the Communication Suite do extra? Our solution contains three modules, which we will discuss separately. 

Adding Communication Functionality to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Special Licence Offer for Existing Microsoft Dynamics® NAV Users

Existing Customer Promotion Now Available! - Expired

We are pleased to announce that all existing customers that meet the eligibility criteria (below) can take advantage of a special discount when adding 3 to 15 Full Users to their existing deployment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. existing customers may receive an additional discount of 15% when purchasing an additional 3 to 15 Full User licenses in the same transaction. The offer is only running until June 25th so get your orders in now!

15% offer on 3-15 Full user licences for existing Dynamics NAV customers
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“Finding Things” - Screen Organisation

Customise Your Role Centre

There are a few organisational things which you can do in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (and earlier versions) to make your work easier and make your role centre more practical to how you work and these screen re-organisations are all achieved at user level.

These changes include the display of information on your own unique role centre, e.g. you can change how the different panes are displayed on your screen. By clicking on the lines alongside each pane until the double ended arrow is displayed and then dragging the line, it is possible to vary the size of each pane, either making them smaller or larger to suit.


Using the arrow to adjust the size of each pane

The result:

A customised role centre


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“Finding Things” - Drill Down

Drill Down into Your Data

If you need to search for any information relating to Totals in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, such as Totals within your Chart of Accounts, the optimum way is to use the “drill down” function.

If you hover over a particular Total, it becomes underlined and it is then possible to click on it. For example, account 8130 – Repairs and Maintenance:

Drill Down Option on Underlined Text


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“Finding Things” - Use the Search Function

Sometimes it is necessary for a NAV user to find a page or view which they don’t use very often and therefore it isn’t displayed on their Role Centre. The search function within Microsoft Dynamics NAV is located in the top right hand corner of the screen and is an efficient way to find what you are looking

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“Finding Things” - Navigate

The Navigation Menu

This feature is particularly useful when you want to retrieve some information and you have a document number. Using the NAV search function, type in “Navigate” and the system will display the different places where it appears and each one of these can be enquired upon:

Navigation in NAV
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Microsoft Dynamics® NAV Client Compatibility

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Cross Client Compatibility

With the release of the Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2016 Universal App, there is now one fluent source for accessing live data within your business, whether you are a Salesman, Director, Purchaser or Accounts Executive – The app will break the metaphorical chains of the desk and allow you

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The Dynamics Connector for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2016– Ep IV – A New Hope?

Firstly, my apologies to any Star Wars fans for the title of this article, being effectively the 4th version (version history), and given the trials that could be had with the previous version, the force really needed to be with you or you would find yourself turning to the dark side (paying for your connector).

For those of you who did not experience the previous connector, or are adept at blocking out nightmares, you may want to refresh yourself by reading one of my previous articles – ‘The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics’, paying particular attention to the second to last paragraph.

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Add-ons will upgrade with you

“Going Up” to Dynamics NAV 2016?

Many of you will be thinking about the upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft’s number one selling ERP solution. With NAV 2016 there are even more features as Microsoft spends millions of dollars on Research & Development to constantly add new features and functionality. But what about those add-on or add-in products that you have already bought to give you specific functionality? The simple answer is that it depends on the provider of the solution as to whether they keep them up to date.    



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Dynamics NAV® Licence offers

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV Special offers - Expired

We wanted to put out a quick reminder about the special offers that provide up to 30% off the cost of purchasing a NAV licence. To summarise:

  • Get the starter pack including 3 users, plus another 2 users for only £4,498.00 – a saving of £2,011.00
  • Get the Extended pack licence will only cost £4,498.00 – a saving of £1,420.00
  • 10% Discount on extra full users for any more than the initial 5.

These offers expire on 27th June which means that there are only two months left until the deadline. Get your orders in early to ensure you get this fantastic deal.

For full details see the blog here.

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Training Courses in Full Swing

Full Calendar of Training Courses Now Running

Having run a few scheduled training courses over the last year we have now have a full calendar. Our courses will now run regularly at a range of technical levels.

We provide high quality training from our team of experienced consultants. Snacks and lunch is provided and we cater for your dietary requirements.

Training in full swing

Next Month's Courses

We have a full line up for May with the following courses running:

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Dynamics NAV 2016

Save Time and Improve Your Experience

One of the key benefits of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV is the time saving aspect, including:

  • Input data only once
  • Fast reporting
  • Automated processes

But what if you can work even faster? NAV offers a wide range of keyboard shortcuts to help increase the speed of inputting data and navigating menus and cards. We have a table here to give you a reference of shortcuts appropriate to NAV 2016. Looking for something specific? Type what you want to do in the search field.

Keyboard Image

Table of Shortcuts

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Office Updates – Morph Transition for Microsoft PowerPoint

Morph Transitions – Animate Your Slides

As a marketing manager with years of sales experience, I have spent countless hours creating presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint®. When trying to impress, clever slide transitions that move objects around and resize them takes hours of work trying to get the end result of one slide to match the start of the next slide. 

Morph is the new transition that actually recognises objects that are the same on two slides, even if they have been resized and moved around. On choosing Morph, PowerPoint automatically creates a smooth flow of these similar objects from one slide to the next in just one click! I have already saved myself hours of work, and now I can even throw together quick videos and ideas without having to waste hours of valuable time.

Saving Time with

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Office 365 May Update

Microsoft Office 365 Updates for May 2016

One of the benefits of Office 365 is the continual updates that they are providing in functionality, be it user experience or administration tools. See the video, which covers the following areas: 


  • Excel Online Updates - in-browser updates 
    • Number formats now easier to use
    • Pivot Tables -
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