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Extending NAV to Better Manage Schedule Orders

One of my customers receives scheduled orders from his customers, either via email or EDI file transfer. The data consists of a forecast quantity for each Item going forward over the next few weeks or months. The quantity of a particular item/date on the schedule can change by any amount if it is way into the future, but only by small tolerance, or nothing at all as its date gets closer.

Historically this was managed on a spreadsheet outside NAV; with Sales Orders being keyed manually when the demand become firm.


Extending NAV

In order to improve this process we utilised the standard NAV Blanket Sales Order functionality, which has the advantage of being seen as forecast demand by the MPR engine (Planning Worksheet). However, instead of creating one Blanket Order per Customer, with lots of Item Lines, we created one Blanket Order per Item with separate lines for each forecast demend:

We added the Item details onto the header to make lifer easer.

We then created a new screen that listed Sales Blanket Order Lines from multiple Blanket Orders.

Dynamics NAV Blanket Orders 


The screen has a new function that will create once sales Order per Customer for

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Office 365 April Update

Microsoft Office 365 Updates for April 2016

One of the benefits of Office 365 is the continual updates that they are providing in functionality, be it user experience or administration tools. See the video, which covers the following areas: 


  • Excel 2016 updates - Get & Transform functionality. New date and time filters in the query editor allows you to filter by dates. 
  • Free Training, including titles:
    • Get it done from anywhere
    • Content collaboration
    • Run more effective meetings
    • Email and calendar on the go
    • Coming soon: Work like a network
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Project Madeira Announcement for Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Announce the Next Generation - Project Madeira

Microsoft have been working on the next generation of their business software offering. To bring the next level of integration, Microsoft are working on Project Madeira, a fully integrated solution between Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics® NAV. This includes integration of NAV functionality into Outlook to save time and improve efficiency. This includes creating documents such as sales quotes, invoices and orders. 

Business Solution re-invented with Project Madeira for Dynamics NAV


The Target Audience - SMB

Project Madeira is not aimed to replace the current Dynamics NAV options, but is there to give an

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Approve Requests on the NAV Mobile App

Dynamics NAV 2016 – Functionality for Managers

With the launch of Dynamics® NAV 2016 there were many new features that appeal to managers and directors. These included improved reporting with PowerBI, Workflows and the all new mobile phone application. For those of you familiar with the tablet app you will know the benefits of using NAV on the go, but for those who have not used Dynamics NAV or are using older versions this new feature brings an extra dimension to running your business. The app provides all of the key functionality including cues, lists and cards, as well as being able to view performance data such as live charts. Designed to be mobile friendly, the app is easy to use and shows your data clearly and concisely. 

Mobile Phone Client in Dynamics NAV 2016
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Business Software editorial in the business magazine

Business Software Solutions Are People Too!

"Thousands of new small businesses start each year. Many fail, but just as many succeed. Tom Jenkins, director of Dynamics Consultants, who specialises in the implementation of business software solutions, looks at one potential factor that could make all the difference”

Our director Tom Jenkins was featured this week in the Business Magazine, where they discussed the importance of growing businesses to act early when deciding to move to a business management software solution. With a flexible solution, such as Dynamics NAV, the reduction in man power required means that your ERP system can work as part of your team.

Read more in the Business Magazine on pages 14 and 15.

business magazine editorial business software solutions are people too
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SQL Server 2005 Support Ends April 12th

More by Me:

04 April 2016

SQL Server SQL Azure Support


As of the April 12th 2016, Extended support for Micrsoft SQL Server® 2005 ends.  Of course, this does not mean it will just stop working, so what are the implications of running an unsupported version of SQL Server?

Support Lifecycle Options

Let us first look at the 2 levels of support offered on by Microsoft in their Support Lifecycle – Mainstream Support and Extended Support.

Mainstream Support

This applies to the first 5 years (typically) of a products life, and inculdes:

  • Product change requests
  • Security Updates
  • Ability to request non-security hotfixes
  • Incident Support

Extended Support

This applies to the next 5 years (typically) of the products life and includes pretty much only security hotfixes and paid support.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 End of Life

What Does No Support Mean?

When SQL Server 2005 leaves extended support, there will be no security or compliance updates, and no back up from Microsoft to your partner should there be an issue that the

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