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SharePoint – Issues with Microsoft Edge Browser


For those using the Microsoft Edge browser together with Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, you may be experiencing a few issues.

The following limitations apply when using Edge, but can be overcome by switching back to

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Installing Many Builds of NAV Web Client on a Server

How to install multiple builds, hotfixes or cumulative updates of the NAV web client on a single server

We have customers running many different builds of NAV and of those many of them use the web client.  It can be difficult to test development in the web client as while it is easy to create a middle tier using a different build on the same server (I use 2.2 in Gedas's blog here), doing the same thing with the web client is not well documented.  However after some research we’ve found it can be done.


The IIS site that NAV creates when you run New-NAVWebServerInstance points at a folder in inetpub, C:\inetpub\wwwroot\DynamicsNAV90 in the example to the right. 



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