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What is a Warehouse Management System WMS?

What is a Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

A warehouse management system, or WMS, is a software package that supports the day-to-day operations of a company’s warehouse. This can include stock control to handling shipments, picking, courier management and a wide range of other functionality. The aim is to improve visibility for managers and reduce the possibility for mistakes by staff with movement of materials around the warehouse. 

What is a Warehouse Management System WMS
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Our Developers are Going to nopCommerce Days 2016

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19 October 2016

nopCommerce Days Developers e-Commerce


nopCommerce Days 2016 Here We Come!

Key members of our development team are currently on their way to Amsterdam to visit the nopCommerce days 2016 conference. The conference is the annual event looking at all things nopCommerce and e-Commerce related, which will be held on Thursday and Friday this week. We hope they have an easier trip than the guys that travelled to Directions EMEA!

Developers travelling to Amsterdam for nopcommerce Days 2016
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nopCommerce First Steps - the e-Commerce Demo

nopCommerce First Steps

nopCommerce have just released a new video which goes over the basic functionality of the platform. As an e-Commerce platform, it is the ideal place for selling online through a web shop that offers true flexibility. In this video they show us how to set up the platform, including how to set up items and pricing.

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nopCommerce Days 2016 e-Commerce Conference

What is nopCommerce Days 2016?

nopCommerce days 2016 is the annual conference, held in Amsterdam, devoted to the nopCommerce platform. Unlike Directions EMEA last week, which is aimed purely at EMEA partners, nopCommerce days has content for store owners, marketers, developers and e-Commerce experts from around the world. 

nopCommerce days 2016 e-Commerce conference
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PowerApps and Flow for Microsoft Office 365

PowerApps and Flow for Microsoft Office 365

This morning at Directions EMEA, Brian Meier gave an interesting presentation on PowerApps and Flow, which we have touched on before. These are being pushed both as great tools and the way in which Extensions can be fully utilised. Here we will discuss some of the features that he covered.

PowerApps and Flow offer more than just Office 365 functionality


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Dynamics NAV 2017 in Office 365 Integrated Experience

The Office 365 Experience for NAV 2017

The latest release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, boasts a greater level of integration with Office 365. Some of these features include:

Office 365 integration with Dynamics NAV 2017
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Day 2 Keynote Speaker for Directions EMEA

The latest Announcements from Directions EMEA

As you will have seen from our Blog, there are a lot of announcements happening at Directions EMEA, and the morning keynote speakers are a great way to find out an overview of all of the latest. Here we will recap all of the key points covered.

Keynote announcements from Directions EMEA day 2

The Marketplace

There was a lot of interesting information about the shifting and jostling between the big players in the market, with Sage linking with Salesforce and Oracle buying Net Suite. However, Microsoft remain strong with the interesting fact that a massive 14% of all chips that are produced by Intel are put into their Azure datacentres

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Notifications in Dynamics NAV 2017

The New Notifications Feature

A new release announced at Directions EMEA is the Notifications feature for Dynamics NAV 2017, this is designed to provide a new non-intrusive way of interacting with the user. Available on Windows, Web, Tablet and Mobile Clients, the new feature also displays in Outlook via the NAV Outlook add-in.

Notifications are shown as a blue banner at the top of the page, allowing users to continue working without the need to close down pop-ups, e.g. credit control on sales orders.

Notifications feature in Dynamics NAV 2017
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Dynamics NAV 2017 Improvements for Finance and Jobs

Jobs and Finance Improvements for NAV 2017

We have more news from Directions EMEA in Prague, with some of the new features being added to core functionality to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. In this blog we discuss the latest updates for the Financial management and Jobs modules.

This blog will cover:

Dynamics NAV 2017 Jobs and Finance updates
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Cortana Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

What is Cortana Intelligence?

Today at Directions EMEA, Klaus Hansen and Andrei Panko gave a seminar on Cortana Intelligence and how it benefits Dynamics NAV 2017. Cortana gathers and analyses data and uses pre-configured analysis tools, machine learning and big data storage.

Cortana Intelligence

How Does NAV Benefit?

Cortana can be used as a prediction tool for many areas of NAV, such as predicting future sales based on past sales of an item, cash flow based on payables and receivables,

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Embedded Power BI in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Power BI in the NAV 2017 Client!

You will have seen from our previous blogs that a number of our team are currently at Directions EMEA finding out all of the latest information about the most recent releases. One of the new releases that we mentioned in the Dynamics NAV 2017 New Features Overview was that Power BI dashboards will now be available from the Role centre in the Windows Client. Here we will discuss the new features in more detail.

Availability for Users

The new integration works with both free and paid versions of Power BI, allowing users to have interactive reports on their Windows client role centre. They are fully capable for personalising on a person or role level – when access is given to a report the data associated with the report can be seen.

Power BI integrated with Dynamics NAV 2017 Windows Client


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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 What’s New Features

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12 October 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 New Features


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 New Features Announced

As Microsoft approved partners, our consultants are at Directions EMEA finding out all of the latest in the Dynamics world. The keynote speakers and Microsoft engineers presented a quick overview this morning of all of the new features of Dynamics NAV 2017, the next release for their business ERP software. Full details will be released as the week progresses, but for now here is an interesting overview.

Dynamics NAV 2017 whats new overview
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Office 365 Adoption Content Pack in Power BI

Office 365 Content Pack in Power BI

Understand how your users adopt and use Office 365 with this new tool that allows you to plan targeted user training and communication so that your business gets the most out of the platform. 

Combining the intelligence of usage reports, with the interactive reporting capabilities of Power BI, the new Office 365 adoption content pack enables you to visualise and analyse the usage data. Create custom reports and share insights within your business using the in-built pivot tools to slice your data by location and department etc.

Office 365 adoption content pack preview


Get Better Insights for Your Office 365 with the New Reports

The dashboard is split up into four areas: Adoption, Communication, Collaboration and Activation. Admins can access detailed dashboards for each area by clicking any of the

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Directions - The Journey to Prague

Our Journey to Directions EMEA!

Miruna, Tom & I (Stuart) set off for Prague today for the Directions EMEA conference. A flight from Gatwick at 9am meant an early start, setting off from the south coast before 6am.

It all started well, getting to Gatwick in good time, so a well deserved coffee was purchased. Halfway through our drink Miruna asked where her coat was, it had completely vanished from the back of the chair next to her. We were concerned our coffee had been ruined by a tea leaf!

She had her passport and purse though so whilst it was a shock it wasn't disastrous. However, a new coat would need to be purchased for the cold Prague weather. I pointed out a Next just across the concourse and I swear there was a glint in her eye at the excuse to purchase a new coat. As she got to the shop a very sheepish and embarrassed business man walked over and asked if the coat he was holding was ours, he had mistakenly picked it up as he left. Sadly I had to cut Miruna's shopping trip short.

Fun and games at the terminal before EMEA
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What is Directions EMEA

What is Directions EMEA?

Directions is the name for the event held by a number of Microsoft Dynamics® partners for other partners to attend. Although aimed at being the major conference for Dynamics in Europe for partners, this event is usually of great interest to users and prospects as this is the time that a lot of the new releases are announced. 

Directions EMEA event


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Office 365 October 2016 Update

Microsoft Office 365 Updates for October 2016

One of the benefits of Office 365 is the continual updates that they are providing in functionality, be it user experience or administration tools. See the video, which covers the following areas:

SharePoint Online

  • Included in Office 365 Groups
  • Team site Homepage updates
    • Site collection storage limit increased to 25TB
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Configure Dynamics NAV for Microsoft Social Listening

What is Social Listening? 

With the ever growing world of social media, it is very often difficult for businesses to see the benefit as any more than a billboard for product announcements. Social listening allows you to take the data available on social media platforms and turn them into real business insights, not only to engage with customers, but also to gain trends in the market place. For example, if you knew that there was an increase in popularity of a product, your purchasers would be able to manage stock accordingly.

Social Listening for your Dynamics NAV ERP

Microsoft Social Listening

Microsoft provide this using Social CRM. Microsoft Social Engagement is a powerful CRM service that puts cutting edge tools in the hands of your sales, service and marketing teams. Connect on social media with customers, fans and critics to gain insight regarding how people really feel about your business.

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