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Document Sending and Document Receiving Enhancements

Document Sending & Document Receiving Enhancements

 At Dynamics Consultants, we are always looking to improve our service and products, that’s why we’ve compiled Roadmaps for our Communication Suite Add-ons, here are just a few new features we’ve implemented for our Document Sending and Document Receiving Add-ons...


Extended HTML E-mail Templates

The first release of the Document Sending solution included the option to send HTML emails, with the HTML email template incorporating information from the document header (for example for a Sales Invoice, data such as the Sales Invoice No., Posting Date, Sell-to Customer No. and Name could be extracted from the Sales Invoice Header). With the latest release of Document Sending we have extended the type of data that can be incorporated in an HTML e-mail. Making use of the new ‘HTML E-mail Data Model’, it is possible to incorporate in the email not only information from the document

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Zone Enabled Item Journals

Zone Enabled Item Journals

A complaint that I often get from Microsoft Dynamics® NAV users who have implemented the full ‘Directed Pick & Put-away’ warehouse functionality is that if you want to adjust stock you have to enter a Warehouse Item Journal, Register it, and then go to an Item Journal ‘Calculate Warehouse Adjustments’ and then Post. A similar task has to be undertaken for Physical Inventory Journals, Whereas Reclassification Journals are completely blocked.

 When I was first trained in NAV warehousing, the trainer, who was directly employed by the old Navision Company said that the reason that it was developed that way was so that the Warehouse could adjust stock, and effectively make it un-pickable, without affecting the balance sheet, with the second transaction being undertaken by the accountant at a later date.

In principle this sounds like a good idea, but the way the functionality has been designed means that in the period

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NAV 2013 R2 Cumulative Updates

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2013 R2 has introduced many new features and fixes to the Role Tailored Client but Microsoft never rest on their laurels! Every month they release a cumulative update which includes hotfixes for the latest bugs they have had reported.

Some of these have been minor fixes that most users would never come across but some of them have been major issues which can even cause data loss. We’ve seen this happen a number of times in development and testing databases, but fortunately not in live databases (yet)!

I would consider the most major updates to have come from Microsoft recently to be:

• CU3 (Build 36035): o FIX - Excel worksheet is blank after you run Export to Excel when the Excel add-in is already open.

• CU5 (Build 36281): o FIX – Possible data loss when compiling or modifying tables in a live database. ? This should be seen as an essential update. Something as innocuous as compiling a number of objects at the same time,

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SharePoint® 2013 Project Management Feature Setup – Part 1

Project Management in SharePoint 2013 & Project 2013 – Part 1 Setup

There is a great new Site Feature called Project Management in SharePoint® 2013 and for those that use a site per project, this is the feature for you!

This feature enables a number of different tools within your site, such as a task list, a calendar and a web part that is a visual timeline of the projects’ current state. This can be monumentally helpful when having to keep many different participants up-to-date about a specific project.

For those of you that are shouting 'I already use Project 2013!', this is not to be a replacement, but more of a Project 2013 feature enhancement, by making the work you do in project centrally accessible with no more tools than a browser and access to your SharePoint site. From this article you will be able to setup your own site with Project Management features and use Project 2013 to edit. Okay, let’s get down to business, assuming you

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