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Dynamics Consultants Document Sending Roadmap

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10 February 2014

Dynamics NAV


Dynamics Consultants Document Sending Roadmap

Dynamics Document Sending, part of the Communication Management Add-on Suite, is our popular automated emailing solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Our Document Sending Add-on currently transforms electronic document management and email delivery from a time and money consuming process into a vital and active business tool.

Dynamics Consultants Document Sending

However, we’re always looking to further enhance our solutions and to this effect have compiled the Document Sending Roadmap, with a list of proposed features such as registered email via RPost.

If you were to buy our Document Sending Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which additional features would you like to see incorporated? Tell us which of the features in our roadmap would really make a difference to your business or suggest features of your own. Contact us with your feedback, we value your input.

For further information regarding the Dynamics Document Sending Add-on or

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DC Enhanced - Style Sheets

DC Enhanced - Style Sheets

Microsoft Style Sheets are a useful tool to extract data quickly from the system and use it in formal communications with business partners, incorporating an improved data selection. Here at Dynamics Consultants, we have enhanced the Style Sheet functionality even further with a time saving ‘Copy Style Sheet’ function and recursive table reference!

Having created a new Style Sheet card, rather than manually finding and selecting data items from tables for a mail merge, it is quicker and much more cost effective to copy a previous record by using the ‘Copy Style Sheet’ button. A list of all previously created Style Sheets are then displayed, and once selected, the table and data information will be copied into the new Style Sheet Card:

New Item Card

Another significant advantage of the DC Enhanced - Style Sheets is the ability to be able to reference a table more than once, in fact, as many times as you need. For example, previously if

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