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Integrating Microsoft Dynamics® CRM with Microsoft Dynamics® NAV

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12 August 2013

Dynamics CRM


There are a number of tools that can be used to integrate Dynamics NAV with Dynamics CRM, some such as the Dynamics Connector will not cost you anything (other than time), others are more flexible but have an actual cost. Whichever solution you use, it should make use of the web services to ensure that it runs the native business logic and does not blindly add data to your system.

NAV has its own set of contacts (both Company and Person) and CRM functionality, and depending on your requirements, the Dynamics NAV CRM module could fit your requirements and has the advantage that it is already fully integrated with the ERP. However, Microsoft have put their eggs in the Dynamics CRM basket so I doubt the NAV CRM solution will evolve any further (except for partner add-on solutions), and may even disappear over time.

The Dynamics Connector as standard does not integrate NAV Company Contacts. The Connector seems to have been written from the perspective of a Dynamics CRM user adopting

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Improving Efficiency with Outlook Integration to NAV

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09 August 2013

Dynamics NAV


How can integration with Microsoft Dynamics® NAV improve efficiency?

Many people are seeing Dynamics NAV as just another accounts or ERP package and fail to see the benefits that integration with Dynamics NAV can bring. The Dynamics Connector starts to give hints of what can be achieved but this is a Microsoft solution and leads most people to the conclusion that this only works because Microsoft have designed it that way!

In part, that is true, but the same design principles could also allow your business to pretty much improve the efficiency of ‘anything’ with Dynamics NAV. By ‘anything’, that is of course within reason, I mean, could you get NAV to control the temperature of your offices and meeting rooms based on use or to automatically maintain a fire register of your premises – well yes, in those instances you could. There are cost / benefit considerations to be had of course, but the main barrier to most of the possible innovation is

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