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SharePoint 2013 Outlook Calendar Integration

Microsoft SharePoint® 2013 Calendar Integration with Microsoft Outlook®

Two way SharePoint and Outlook calendar integration is still a great feature with SharePoint 2013. The feature has been around in a previous version of SharePoint, but I thought it was worth re-visiting it briefly for any new adopters of SharePoint 2013.

To connect your SharePoint 2013 calendar to Outlook (in this example I am connecting to Outlook 2010) all you have to do is click the ‘Connect to Outlook’ button in the Calendar ribbon.


 SharePoint 2013 Connect to Outlook

 You will then be prompted by Internet Explorer to allow the connection.


 Outlook Security Warning


Click ‘Allow’. Then Outlook will ask you to confirm the connection too.


SharePoint 2013 to Oulook Connection Confirmation


Click ‘Yes’. Outlook will then present the SharePoint 2013 calendar just like any other outlook calendar.

You can now work with the calendar from either Outlook or SharePoint and all your

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Connector for Microsoft Dynamics - Integrating CRM with NAV5!

More by Me:

19 May 2013

Dynamics CRM


The Dynamics Connector, despite its usability issues, is starting to gather a little momentum, due mainly to its flexibility and price tag. As the Connectors popularity grows, it is inevitable that you will sooner or later come up against something that it really was not designed to do, in my case this was to integrate with a version of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV prior to NAV 2009 or more specifically in this instance - NAV 5 but the same principles would apply to older NAV versions although with a little more work to get the Pages to fit.

You still need to be running the Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 client and middle tier as it is this that provides the architecture for the Connector to communicate with the Dynamics NAV data but providing you are up to date with your enhancement (BREP), or at least were at the time that NAV 2009 was released, then this is an FOC update and just requires installation of the new client and setup of the middle tiers. You then have a handful of Pages, a

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Inventory Costing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Microsoft Dynamics NAV® 2013 is the latest release of the well-known and established ERP solution for all kinds of businesses of whatever size. As you would expect, the package offers rich functionality within an easy to use interface.

Accurate costing of stock transactions is essential to managing a business successfully but it is not as easy to do this as you might think.

Not all businesses value their stock in the same way and it is important that the material costs of each sales transaction accurately reflect their costs, which can change long after stock has been sold. This is important not just for accounting purposes but also to be able to gauge the profitability of each transaction. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 does this by:

  • Offering a number of different costing methods including FIFO, LIFO, Standard cost and costing by specific item serial nos.
  • Recording of costs when items are received or shipped as opposed to when they are invoiced and paid for.
  • Posting
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