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SQL Server Backup Strategies

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12 April 2013

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SQL Server - Backup Strategies

SQL Server has a number of backup strategies revolving around Full backups, Differential Backups and Transaction Log backups.

Full Backups

These do exactly what they say … take a full backup of the database.

Differential Backups

A differential backup includes only the data that has changed since the Full backup.

Transaction Log backups

These backup the transaction logs which are stored independently of the data.

A backup strategy can include all of the above...

Depending on data volumes, a full backup may be run daily, weekly or monthly.  Any database restore will be based on the last full backup, so the more frequent the better, SQL Server - Backup Strategyproviding it does not impact on performance and is within storage limits. If only full backups are used in a Simple recovery model, then data loss in the event of failure is everything since the last Full backup.

Using Differential backups allows for smaller intermediate backups.  A simple backup strategy using

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Dynamics Automated Bank Reconciliation released for Windows Client

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10 April 2013

Dynamics NAV


NOTE: Due to the inclusion of automated Bank Reconciliation in the standard release of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2013 R2, we have discontinued this solution for NAV 2013 onwards, it is however still available for NAV 2009 classic and earlier.

Our popular Dynamics Bank Reconciliation add-on for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV has been updated for the NAV 2013 windows client. The update includes the ability to select a different statement import format for each bank account, advanced filtering options, improved automated matching of entries and improved transfer of statement lines to the general journal. This video shows an over of the features available in the new windows client version of the add-on.

An overview of the classic client version of the Dynamics Bank Reconciliation add-on is available below.

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