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No more native NAV database … so what do we use instead?

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28 September 2012

Dynamics NAV


With NAV 2013 we finally see the demise of the native NAV database, so what are the database options now.  Well, your choice is now limited to one, but it is a good one … Microsoft SQL Server.

You no longer get the compact NAV backup sets with the SQL Server option and there is a cost implication with the SQL Server option but that’s pretty much where the drawbacks end.

With SQL Server, you get the choice of failover clustering and always on resilience, fully automated backups with a range of strategy options and much faster backup and restore times, an industry standard database option with a host of built in and 3rd party reporting options and compatibility with SharePoint and Office is standard.

For smaller installations, NAV can be run on the free desktop version of SQL Server.  The Standard version of SQL Server offering safe data backups and per processor/core licensing is the option of choice for SMEs that can live with an hour or so of downtime

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